The Civil War (1861-1865): A History Podcast

In which we start to look at the fighting at the Battle of South Mountain, which took place on September 14, 1862 and was an important milepost on the two armies' road to Antietam.

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In which we discuss Napoleon's victory over the Austrians at Castiglione in 1796. Oh, and we also talk about some Civil War stuff.

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In which we look at the movements of the Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia after it crossed over the Potomac River into Maryland. We also discuss the reaction of George B. McClellan's Army of the Potomac to the Confederate invasion of Maryland. And we talk about Lee's Special Orders No. 191. 

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In which we discuss Robert E. Lee's decision to strike north after Second Manassas, and the great events that awaited the outcome of his invasion of Maryland.

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In which we look at what happened in the aftermath of the Second Battle of Manassas, including Lincoln's decision to ask George McClellan to take command of the merged Union armies in northern Virginia.

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In which we wrap up our discussion of the Second Battle of Manassas, which took place August 28-30, 1862.

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In which we look at some of the action on Saturday, August 30, 1862, the third day of the Second Battle of Manassas.

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In which we look at the action on the second day of the Second Battle of Manassas (August 29, 1862).

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In which we look at the fight at the Brawner Farm, which took place on the evening of August 28, 1862.

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In which we look at Stonewall Jackson's capture of the huge Federal supply depot at Manassas Junction, and his subsequent march to the old battlefield of First Manassas nearby.

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