The Civil War (1861-1865): A History Podcast

In which we see more units from both armies arrive on the field- Howard's Eleventh Corps for the Federals and Rodes' Division of Ewell's Corps for the Confederates.

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In which we look at what Robert E Lee was up to on July 1, 1863.

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In which we look at George Meade's activities June 28-July 1.

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In which we look at the fight at the railroad cut on the morning of July 1, 1863.

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In which the entire right side of the Federal line, north of the Chambersburg Pike, collapses when attacked by Joe Davis's brigade of Confederates.

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In which the hard-charging Iron Brigade drives Archer's Confederates out of the Herbst woodlot.

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In which we see the first Federal infantry arrive on the battlefield, just in the nick of time.

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In which we do some myth-busting, looking at stories about shoes, Spencers, and sharpshooters.

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In which we examine John Reynolds' key role in bringing about a battle at Gettysburg.

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In which we evaluate John Buford's performance in carrying out his covering force action on the morning of July 1, 1863 outside Gettysburg.

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In which John Buford buys time for the Federal infantry to arrive on the scene.

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In which Harry Heth runs into real, live Yankee soldiers on the road to Gettysburg.

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In which we find out it was the roads (of course) that brought the armies to Gettysburg. Plus, John Buford!

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In which the armies move toward a collision.

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In which turn our attention back to the Army of the Potomac and find that Hooker is out and Meade is in.

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In which the Confederates push deeper into Pennsylvania as Ewell's Corps approaches the Susquehanna River on two fronts (at Wrightsville and by way of Carlisle).

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In which Jubal Early visits Gettysburg on June 26, 1863.

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In which the Confederates plunder their way up the Cumberland Valley after entering Pennsylvania.

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In which we find Hooker marking time below the Potomac, Lee orders Ewell to move north into Pennsylvania, and we wonder Jeb Stuart was allowed to ride off, away from the Army of Northern Virginia.

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In which Hooker finally moves the Army of the Potomac... we look at several cavalry clashes in the Loudon Valley... and Tracy sees how many different ways she can pronounce "Susquehanna."

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In which we cover the action at Second Winchester (and Stephenson's Depot) on June 13-15, 1863.

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