The Civil War (1861-1865): A History Podcast

In which Longstreet's assault column rolls right through the hole in the Federal line.

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In which Rosecrans' decision to send a constant stream of reinforcements to sustain George Thomas' position on the northern end of the battlefield sets the stage for a fatal gap opening up on the right side of the Union line.

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In which the big Confederate attack on the morning of the twentieth finally gets underway.

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In which we look at what was going on in both armies before the start of the fighting on the morning of the third (and final) day of the battle.

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In which we look at what was going on with the Confederate high command on the night of September 19.  

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In which we talk about the aftermath of the second day of fighting, including important decisions made that night by each army commander.

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In which we look at Cleburne's night attack that ended the fighting on the second day of the battle.

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In which the fighting in and around Viniard Field consumes brigade after brigade, as Federals and Confederates continue their struggle for control of the vital La Fayette Road in this sector of the battlefield.

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